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Indusind Bank Credit Card Apply

Indusind Bank Credit Card Apply Online: IndusInd Bank is one of India’s most well-known banks. It offers its customers a wide range of services, such as savings accounts, loans, credit cards, etc. But here we will talk about the IndusInd Bank Credit Cards because there are different cards with different features and benefits. Every credit card has its value, and you can apply for one online based on your needs.

You can look at all the cards’ features and benefits to see if you are eligible to apply for them. The IndusInd Bank offers many kinds of credit cards, such as cards for shopping, travel cards, luxury items, and many more. So, it would help if you looked at all of the credit cards IndusInd bank offers before picking one.

Credit Cards from IndusInd Bank

Everyone has a lot of needs, which could be different for each of us based on how we live. SBI offers various credit cards in the following categories because it knows how its customers spend their money.

  • 1. Shopping Card
  • 2. Cashback Card
  • 3. Rewards Card
  • 4. Travel Card
  • 5. Lifetime Free Card
  • 6. Business Card
  • 8. Entertainment Card

From the credit cards above, you can choose the one that fits your priorities and how you spend money. You can save a lot of money by taking advantage of the deals and rewards in each category.

Features of an Indusind Bank credit card:

  • As a welcome gift, receive EazyDiner vouchers.
  • The Luxe Gift Card is made available to you.
  • You can get coupons from different brands. To find out more, please visit the IndusInd Bank website.
  • People who have the card will get individual air accident insurance worth Rs.25 lakh for free.

Advantages of the IndusInd Credit Card:

  • Welcome Benefits: When you buy one of their cards and become part of the IndusInd family, IndusInd wants to wish you well. As a result, they offer several “welcome” benefits that you can use as a reward for becoming a customer. There are a lot of welcome gift shops to choose from, like Oberoi Hotels, Vero Moda, Aldo, EasyDiner, Bata, and Montblanc.
  • Travel Plus program: One of the benefits of having an IndusInd credit card is that it gives you access to their Travel plus program for 5,000 rupees per year. With this, you can no longer pay a fee to visit global lounges and get special waivers for using lounges outside India. Also, get coverage for lost luggage up to 1 lakh.
  • Lounges: One of the best things about the IndusInd credit card is that it gives you access to lounges. You can join the Priority Pass program, which provides you access to more than 600 airport lounges worldwide.

Indusind Bank Credit Card Apply – Eligibility and Documents

It would help if you had a good credit rating and a steady source of income to apply for the card. When you apply for the card, you will be told precisely what to do to be eligible.

Needed documents to Indusind Bank Credit Card Apply

To get the Platinum credit card, you must show proof of your income, where you live, and who you are. When you apply for the card, you will be given a list of all the documents you need to bring.

How to Indusind Bank Credit Card Apply Online

You can apply for an IndusInd Bank Credit Card right on the website for the bank. You can also apply for a credit card through the BankBazaar website.

  • Just on the IndusInd Bank Credit Card page, click the “Check Eligibility” button.
  • Type in the info asked for.
  • The next step is to apply for the card once you know you are eligible.
  • Please fill out all the necessary fields, upload any documents, and send them.
  • Use the Application ID you get to find out what’s going on with your application.

How to Activate your IndusInd Credit Card online?

Most of the time, people who want to use their credit cards from home without going to an ATM or calling customer service can use online methods. You can do so in several ways online when it comes to activating your IndusInd credit card.

  • The easiest way to use your credit card online is to get the PIN sent to your email. Send [email protected] an email. They will get back to you with all the steps you need to take to finish activating your credit card.
  • Your online banking account can also be used to activate your credit card. It is a practical, instant, and quick way to get your credit card PIN so you can turn it on.
  • You can also use mobile banking to activate your credit card online. Starting your credit card is a quick and easy process that won’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes.

IndusInd Credit Card Annual Fees

The essential type of credit card fee might be the annual fee. Your bank or credit card company automatically adds monthly costs to your account. You pay these fees to use your card’s benefits and keep your account open. Most of the time, the more benefits you get from a credit card, the higher the annual fee.

The annual fee for each IndusInd bank credit card is different. For example, the IndusInd Bank Pinnacle credit card has a yearly fee of Rs.12,999, while the IndusInd Bank Legend credit card has an annual fee of Rs.9,999. There are no annual fees for other cards, like the IndusInd Platinum credit card.

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement

IndusInd Bank’s credit card statement is a billing report showing all your purchases and transactions during the billing cycle. It is made by IndusInd Bank regularly. It has the details of each transaction, the total amount you owe on your credit card, the minimum amount you owe, and the date your credit card bill is due.

You can print out and save a copy of your credit card statement for future use. This service is given for free. Find out how to get your Indusind credit card statement online, offline, or as an E-statement by reading on.

How to make Indusind Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

You can pay your IndusInd Bank credit card bill with cash, a debit card, a check, NEFT, BillDesk, UPI, net banking, mobile banking, NEFT, BillDesk, UPI, NEFT, BillDesk, UPI, NEFT. You can pay your IndusInd Bank credit card bill online with the CRED app and get other perks.

How to Close Indusind Bank Credit Card

If you want to close or cancel your Indusind Credit Card, IndusInd bank makes it easy for you to do so. If a credit card holder wants to cancel their Indusind bank credit card, they need to take specific steps. If you’re going to get rid of your Indusind Bank Credit Card, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find the fitting instructions for getting rid of your Indusind Bank Credit Card. But it would help if you were very careful before you started.

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Customer Care

  • You can call the IndusInd Bank credit card customer service line at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can call the toll-free number 1860 267 7777 from any phone in India, whether a mobile phone or landline.
  • You can also send questions about credit cards to IndusInd Bank as a priority. care(at)IndusInd(dot)com. For more help, you may need to enter your name and how to reach you.


Practically, you can’t avoid bad things that happen in life. However, if you have an instant credit card, it can be the perfect shield that protects you from any financial problems you may have to face. Visit us online and fill out an application for a credit card you can use immediately.

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